Shoe Town

Tuesday 11th July. Overcast skies and a sense of pride, it’s judging day for shoe town.




DSC00230Kardi and I have been working ‘blooming’ hard to get this years street entry into reality and we think we’ve done our town of Northampton proud. Well the council even included us on the official route for the towns entry in Britain in Bloom.


St Giles Terrace is where you’ll find us. Nestled between High Street of The Year famed St Giles Street and the rather (unfortunately) empty Abington Street you’ll find a beautiful Terrace of business, charity and residential properties leading down to my home church of St Giles.

DSC00258.jpgDSC00259.jpgDSC00257.jpgHaving a pensive time of working out a concept of connecting all the properties together I came up with the basic idea of planting shoes with succulents and displaying them on the window sills and railings.  Maintenance will be little. Both water, time and t.l.c.





Why shoes you may ask? Well it is Northampton after all. A historic beautiful town that gets a lot of bad press. Time to love Northampton a bit more I say and be the start of what you want to see. Believe.


Enjoy the display whilst it lasts. Hopefully until the autumn.

Best, Rocky

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