Welcome to the online home of horticulturist Rocky Coles MCI Hort. Here within you will find information about me, my work and when time allows, posts on plants, gardens and all things horticultural. You can hire me under the guise of Well Planted.

Hi, I’m Rocky, a professional horticulturist, maintaining and developing private gardens in Northamptonshire. A skilled gardener who loves wielding a sharp pair of secateurs, transforming shrubby blobs and wild wisterias allowing them to shine. Known to some as the dancing gardener, due to my love of Latin American dancing, I am a firm believer of bringing joy and fun to the garden and making gardening accessible for all.

I was also the brainchild behind the Northampton shoeplants project. You can hear more about me and this project talking to Peter of the famous gardening podcast, The Sodshow.

Qualifications and awards I hold are as follows: