Machete and rum.

Rum. Cigars. Salsa. These are three of the main words people associate with the country Cuba. I like to indulge in all three but as a whole, Cuba is so much more. It and its people have so much more to give. I dare you to venture out of Havana or the beach resorts of Varadero or Guardalavaca in the South. Beyond the five star resort strip of sand lies plenty of adventure, adrenaline and activity. For me I’m no beach bum. I like to touch, speak and feel Cuba from all angles. This is my second time visiting this archipelago in the Caribbean and every time I think I’ve sussed it out comes another surprise.

Cuba, since the US embargo has learnt to do things differently. Resources are hard to come by. Medicines are expensive. Everyone has learnt to mend and make do. It’s also kept out the big pharmaceutical companies and those dreaded chemicals and gmos. The result is organic, fresh fruit and vegetables, thriving bees and a large natural medicine market.

I will write little snippets of my ‘horticultural’ adventures in the next few weeks ranging from the brujos shed, botanical gardens and the UNESCO biosphere whilst I have time. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did the experience.


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